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ST GEORGE DAY 2010 video and Pictures!

  International Day of the Book , St George Day in Staten Island

St George Day poster

Live Music
Hang Your Own Art
Giant Dragon Puppet Show
Literary Contest
Dragon Contest
Song Contest
Art Contest
Kids Contest

Sponsors for St George Day 2009

Every Thing Goes NYC Parks Department Counsil of Arts and Humanities Staten Island Gargoyle Mechanique Art Lab Day De DaDa Dembner's Hardware Reiman's Hardware 1825 Victory Blvd, Staten Island
dragons of old by Ezair


    St. George and the...
    ... Ferry! Here in Staten Island we think of the Ferry Terminal when we hear of St. George. But since hundreds of years, around the world, St. George is associated with something else...


Saint George is the patron saint of numerous countries and regions, such as England, Ethiopia, Turkey, Canada, Catalonia, China, Georgia, Greece, Montenegro, Palestine, Portugal, Russia, and Serbia! George is immortalized in the myth of St. George and the Dragon, which, in a tiny nutshell, is roughly this:

"The PEOPLE of a village had a very bad conflict with a DRAGON. They appeal to a person named GEORGE to help solve the conflict. George kills the Dragon."

That's the usual version of the story...


A New Legend

No Killing DragonsIT'S THE TIME for all of us to replace old legends of overpowering and violence with new models of cooperation and problem-solving, human ingenuity and design science, bringing creativity to difficult situations! To help nurture this movement, we present
Staten Island's 5th Annual St. George Day Celebration!

dragons of old by Ezair


Local artists bring their artwork to Tompkinsville Park and create their own exhibition space free!
(That means YOU!)
   Art Gallery structureHere is approximately what our ART GALLERY structure for the park fences looks like. Wooden poles lashed to the metal fencing, and joined to each other by cords. Your paintings etcetera are to be hung from the ropes/wire.
Feel free (and responsible).
Contact organizers at ETG for more info.

dragons of old by Ezair


  EARTH DAY is April 22!  We cannot celebrate community without celebrating our natural resources – especially Staten Island’s parks and waterfront. 

Make Flower Bombs!
  What are flower bombs?  Wild flower seeds in clay that can be thrown into vacant lots and will help beautify our neighborhood.  Hundreds of flower bombs will be handed out at the Festival for everyone to distribute.

MOBILE GARDENS! The amazing artwork of Tattfoo Tan who creates gardens in unusual places, shopping carts, strollers – inspiring us all to think differently about our world.

Support local green culture and join rousing a band of Eco-enthusiasts and craft types alike.  The Staten Island Flower Fairies will distribute flowers and plantable seed cards (made from recycled materials, of course). What does a Staten Island Flower Fairy look like, you might ask? Hopefully it looks a lot like you and your friends/ beloved/ kids/ pets/ neighbors - perhaps donning wings, antennae, glitter, or other sprite-like accessories. Our goal is to encourage everyone to make our community greener - and of course - look completely fabulous while doing it!

Buy seedlings to welcome the spring in your own home
Learn from Master Composters  how to re-cycle our waste. 
Learn more about food distribution and the value of buying local

dragons of old by Ezair


Come and See!
Celebrate! Dance! Sing! Hula!
Hear and see LIVE music and dance performances
on two stages ALL day long!

Featuring Staten Island’s own local talent!
Rock out with
the Headlocks, Santiago, Allergic to B’s, Viva Maria, Joan Cadell's Midnight Choire, Trish and Christoph, RYA Brass Ensemble, Matchless Gifts Crew, and more.
Sink into the rhythms of the Manhattan Tribal Belly Dancers and the Pink Diamond Steppers. Hula with the Groove Hoopalition Hoopers! Operatic brilliance with Kayla Ferguson and the teen group poetry hip-hop sensation of P.E.M.G.!
And that's not all!

dragons of old by Ezair


The Dragon from the hidden hills of Staten Island grows parched from the fire that she breaths. She relies on the watering hole in Tompkinsville Park to quench her thirst. But the villagers fear the Dragon and rely on the water for their own needs. Can an ordinary human being called George help them resolve their difference and save the dragon? Can they share our natural resources? See A GIANT DRAGON puppet show in which St George and the Dragon work it out!

Not only one DRAGON, but many! Marching bands, mobile gardens, flower fairies, the international Dragon Dance Troupe, doggie dragons and a 30-foot dragon will PARADE around the park. Join the PARADE – come as your favorite dragon and march in the parade.

St George Dragon Puppet sketchSt George Dragon Puppet 2009 sketchYay! for the
GIANT-PUPPETS performance of George's adventure in Tompkinsville!!!

dragons of old by Ezair


St George Day Staten Island STORYBOOK

Dost thou readeth? 
Stories, fables, history – they shape who we are and how we live. Celebrate the written word, the oral story and the bound book on International Day of the Book.

Browse and buy from the shelves of a variety BOOK VENDORS

Toss in and take out from the open shelves of a community BOOK SWAP.  A place to share and exchange books.  Re-use!  Re-cycle!  Re-read!

Do you know how to make a book? See a BOOK MAKING demonstrations by master binder Malachi McCormick. 

Lend your ear or your voice to our READER’S CORNER – with scheduled live readings and an open mic ALL THROUGHOUT THE DAY.

dragons of old by Ezair



"Imagine George and the Dragon resolving the conflict by way of honest communication and co-operation".

Imagine that...
... in a poem? (Any style, 5 minutes max reading time)
... in a painting? (or visual artwork that can be displayed on an easel)
... in a song? (and perform it on the Festival Stage!)

Win prizes and a special "St George and the Dragon" TROPHY!

ALSO, dress your pet person, dog person, cat person, bird person, like a Dragon for the PET DRAGON CONTEST and the DRAGON PARADE. Get your living dragon friend on the St George And The Dragon website in living color!


dragons of old by Ezair


Guided and unguided
Kids make arts and crafts at the free ART ZONE, tables of art supplies to be combined and assembled to resemble dragons and more. Bring your kids and creativity.

dragons of old by Ezair


Kitchen magicians
from around the neighborhood will have some of their delectible specialties and food favorites for you to get your lunch, dinner, or treats during the days festivities.

dragons of old by Ezair

Saint George and the Dragon

ST George Day 2006 Winners of 2008 St George Day contests  


and last year pictures of  ST GEORGE DAY 2009

SI Advance photo 1
click for 2010 S.I. Advance newspaper article...

click for 2009 S.I. Advance newspaper article...


Many volunteers colaborate:
Bridgette Francis, Bronwen Tomb, DeCarol Davis, Gary Moore, Joan Moore, Eric Alter, Mary Feaster, Lynn Rogers, David Bianco, Jennifer Blair, Chad Yarborough, John Kilcullen, Laura S., Keith W Jacobsen, Jay Weichun, Jo Ann Colagiacomi, Nora Sullivan, Nightshade Acorn, Ana Caneda, Patricio Diaz, Danusch, Leilani Pickett, Johann Rublein, Leslie McAuley, Claudia Citkovitz, Martin, Arthur Vallario, Brian Sculley, Racquel Cornali, Michael Johnson, Seth Asher, Geoff Coe, Aviva Bedilla, Alex Derenowski, Julia Greve, Colin Spink, Leslie Greenwood, Jim Full, Richard Wonder, Eric Hirsh, Jenny Lytton, Ezair Beausoleil, Chloe Liotta-Jones, Charlie Gonzales, Srikala & Eric & the Matchless Gifts Crew, Kristin Leyko, Miriam Garber, Jen Hermus, Patty Wheat, Brendan Coyle, Amanda Curtis, Mary Signona, Irma Bohorquez-Geisler, Esther Ogbu, Janice Patrignani, Phoebe Blue, Tommy Bones, Mike Chan, Robert Civello, Kris Anton, Darla, John Schreiner, Sarah Gowell, Ellen Icolari, Dan Icolari, Cecelia Chau, Richenda Kramer, Mary Feaster, Melanie Cohn, Amy Trautwein, Morna Martell, Omar Sabre, Mark Bigelow and the Staten Island Compost Project, Javierl Ruiz, Emmanuel Ramos, Terrence Cottrell, William Ritger, Josue Quintero, Lawrence Brown, Brent Santiago, Robert McGillicuddy, Katie McCarthy, Steve Jones Daughs, Bruce Spink, Ginger Shulick, David Kunin, Dusken Wolf, Ira Goldstein, Cheri Brunault, Mariel Avedon, Gordon Reggae III, Vlad Kanevsky, Mike Castellani, Steve Huang, Monika Farmer, Tony Iantosca, Kyoko Heshimu, Tara Gibson, Elspeth Mcdonald, Jill Jichetti, Keri English, Maria DeLorenzo, John Foxell, Carolyn Clarke, Eric Alter, Thomas Henry, Douglas Schwartz, The Headlocks, Joan Caddell and the Midnight Choire, Santiago, Kayla Ferguson, Trish and Christoph, Jim Indell, Manhattan Tribal Bellydancers, Viva Maria, P.E.M.G., Raya Brass Band, Pink Diamond Steppers, Leigh Ann Duffy and ARTLAB, Leo Gordon and M.A.D.E. (McKee’s Advertising and Design Enterprise), Commissioner Thomas Paulo, Lynn Rogers, Frank Carcaterra and the NYC Parks Department, The Partnership for Parks (a joint project of the City of New York Parks and Recreation Department and the City Parks Foundation) and all the generous and creative volunteers who worked to make this event possible!


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or give Steve or Katie a jingle at 718-447-8256

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