All events at ETG Book Cafe are Contribution-based.
Thank you for sharing towards balance!

Suggested- $5 up to $20
event donations into THE LOVE JAR
go to the performer/presenter.

Open Mic LOVE JAR donations
go to us, and the evolving future
of our neighborhod projects.

Do you like what we are doing?
If you feel moved, we are open to
donations, aka Green Energy
into the Love Jar or otherwise.
It could be $5 or $500 .

A wonderful anonymous donor last year gave us a good computer they had upgraded from, and a grant of money with which we were able to do some serious improvements to the stage, such as our stage monitor, lighting dimmer board, Direct boxes, and other important missing-pieces to the quality of experience we strive for.

Are you interested in possibly working with us to make this place better at doing what it does?
We'd love to meet you.

- A stage/sound technician of sufficient skill to be able to run a show here involving PA system, projector, Photoshop, and video. Fun!
Low pay, great times, for serious applicant.