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   When we opened our first store at 208 Bay St in November of 1983, we were driven by the idea that every person and every thing has value. Our job is to find that value and celebrate it.

   We try to reduce waste by restoring and recycling whenever possible. We hope to inspire others to do likewise...

   By serving a wide range of customer needs from practical to theatrical, frivolous to formal, retro to contemporary; By reclaiming used items, restoring their beauty and function. We attempt to reduce our negative impact on the environment, taking into account the earth’s limited resources and the needs of our fellow inhabitants worldwide; By meeting all these needs and desires at the lowest cost possible, with the best service we can offer; By supporting cooperative living and simple living values; and By designing fun places to shop and work - places that inspire us to find new and creative purposes for the reuseable resources around us.

More about Every Thing Goes

   Every Thing Goes is a collection of four thrift stores located on the North Shore of Staten Island. Our first store opened in 1983 at 208 Bay Street. It expanded from one floor to three and from one building to four over the course of 10 years.

   Everyone who works in the stores lives together and shares in the stores’ profits. Because we live and work together, work relationships and conflict resolution are important to us. We seek open and caring ways of relating to one another in which we regard problems as opportunities to work together. And we find that when we do put our minds together to solve problems we make better decisions.

   We want to extend this caring of each other to our customers as well. We view our customers as unique, valuable people who add to our lives by sharing theirs.